Can any one form of social media be better than another? I saw this article, which on the surface seemed intriguing.  I don’t disagree with its premise, since all forms of digital have pros and cons. This is something I have thought about, and to be honest I reckon it’s a tie, so to speak.

Facebook’s strength imho is its community aspect. Due to its groups and pages, as well as the friend concept, it allows better sharing of content within a community. Twitter has lists, but there is less of a community feel. One cannot, to date, make groups or pages on any topic and invite people in.

Which do you prefer?

Conversely, it does allow better networking and one can reach out to strangers in one’s industry and form connections more easily. I actually agree with most of the points in Todd’s blog post. Just it’s not an either/or issue, imho. Both have their own strengths. One of the things about digital I love is that it’s very nuanced. There are very few black and white points here, and everything is about trial and error, and finding the right fit through practice.